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  Price     $9.99
  Status     Available Now
  Item Number     BF-PPR-04
Product Description
Blows away real deer pee!
Attracts all deer all year long. Blows away real deer urine in a bottle! Use to scent mark trails, scrapes, vegetation. Regular use will encourage bucks and does to over-mark with their urine/feces. Start your synthetic scrapes in summer to attract deer for early season. Also effective for first time setups and scent trails.
How To Use BF Pre/Post Rut
Use Buck Fever differently than you would real deer scent
Because Buck Fever is so potent and maintains its effectiveness so long and because it is reactivated by moisture, you are better able to “train” deer. Start using Buck Fever prior to the season to attract bucks. While you will still need to periodically replenish your areas with scent, especially as you hunt, you now will have a non-spoiling attractant working for you 24/7. Be careful not to try to attract bucks to too many different spots on one piece of property.
Ever notice that when your dog pees on a tree in your yard, any other dog that passes it will also pee on it? BF Pre/Post Rut is the year round synthetic urine that encourages deer to socialize and re-mark their territories often because it makes deer think that other deer have been there. It can be used year round in real and mock scrapes. Keep your scent to a minimum with Vanishing Hunter and apply about 1/2 of an 4oz. bottle initially. Re-check your scrapes occassionally and re-apply as needed every few months, depending on the weather.