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TopCoat F11 Kit (includes 16oz, 2oz and 2 Microfiber Towels)

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  Price     $59.97
  Status     Available Now
  Item Number     P-DF11-KIT1
Product Description

kit includes 16oz, 2oz and 2 Microfiber Towels!!



TopCoat F11 will not only give your finish a showroom shine, but thanks to our proprietary, water-based formula it is safe to use on all surfaces and will not cause cracking, fading or damage, like other products.



The fancy term for this is “hydrophobic”, which means that water will not stick to a surface treated with F11. This makes it great for windshields, as it improves visibility and makes your drive safer.



Since F11 is water-based (rather than chemical-based), it is safe to use around your children and pets, as well as in the home. And unlike some other products, there is no runoff that risks polluting the environment.



After the initial coating, you can use as little as 2oz for additional layers on your vehicle. Inside the home, one spray will take care of just about any surface, making a 16oz bottle of F11 a tremendous value.



Not only does TopCoat F11 make your finish look fantastic, but as you use it, it begins masking imperfections (such as swirl marks) in your finish. Microscopic cracks and scratches that used to let dirt in get filled, sealed, and prevent future corrosion.



Spray it on, hand buff it in. That’s all you have to do. Now making your entire vehicle look like new takes only minutes instead of hours.


Application process

The application process is quite simple and easy. You can choose to spray TopCoat® F11® into a micro-fiber pad and wipe it on the desired surface a section at a time, buffing in immediately with clean, dry, micro-fiber towels, or spray TopCoat® F11® directly on the surface, a section at a time, buffing in immediately with clean, dry, micro-fiber towels.


Always follow up with a clean, dry, micro-fiber towel(s) to do the final buff, hand buffing the product into the surface until it is extremely slick and fully buffed in visually, allowing the sealer to fully penetrate, bond properly, and provide a streak free shine!

Remember: TopCoat® F11® is water-based, so your initial micro-fiber towel(s) will get damp with every spray and wipe, thus the reason to use a second or third dry, micro-fiber towel(s) to complete the buffing to ensure the coating is evenly and fully polished in properly.

NOTE: Although TopCoat® can be applied in direct sunlight, for best results, always apply TopCoat® F11® in the shade and at ambient temperate.

For first time applications, wash and clean the bike or vehicle to remove any dirt and debris. Try not to use washes or soaps with wax or silicone in it as you want the TopCoat® sealer to bond to the substrate directly without any interference. When washing, never wash your vehicle in the sun and keep it wet until it’s time to dry as this will prevent water spotting and ensure adequate rinsing. Once washed, towel dry every surface quickly to prevent water spots again, but also to prepare a dry surface for the application TopCoat® F11® . If you have any wax, detail spray, or coating recently applied on the surface, we recommend removing the coating before applying TopCoat®. If you’re not sure how to remove the coating, you can call one of our application experts for advice. If removing the recently applied coating isn’t an option for whatever reason, then you can either wait a week or two to allow the elements to naturally break down the current wax or coating (as most coatings don’t last more than a few weeks) or you can apply TopCoat® directly over the current coating without removing it and still gain many of TopCoat’s benefits. However, if you coat over an existing coating with TopCoat®, understand that TopCoat’s performance and longevity become severely hindered until it can work its way through that existing coating and bond with the original substrate. One way to help TopCoat® work its way through the existing coating is by applying a second coat a few days, or a week later, causing the TopCoat® to penetrate directly to the substrate and bond effectively at that point. Maintenance will become easier with every application, it's very noticeable. You will eventually just start wiping TopCoat® surfaces down with just a micro-fiber towel as the coating provides a very slick, easy-release and non-stick coated surface that is very durable. The more applications, the easier and the better the results, while enhancing and extending the duration of the coating and its ability to protect from the elements. You will also find out that you won't have to wash your vehicle as much, if at all, as the dirt, grime, and debris won’t build up or stick as before. A heavy rain will actually wash the majority of your vehicle or bike. Now, detailing 101 and common sense will dictate that if you live in an area that is extremely dirty, like on a dirt road, you can still wash your vehicle but we only recommend plain water and a cellulous sponge as 99.9% of everything will come off, including bugs, road film, bird droppings, dirt, tar, etc.