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  Price     $400.00
  Status     Available Now
  Item Number     PSM333A
Product Description


The Medical Attractor
In preparation for surgery all necessary equipment is placed in the operating room and inventoried. Upon completion of the surgery all equipment used needs to be accounted for and inventoried before closing the patient and before leaving the operating room. When tools are dropped on the floor they need to be retrieved quickly, The Medical Attractor is the tool for this job. 
·                    Permanent Magnet
·                    40” Overall Length
·                    Aluminum Handle
·                    High Lifting Capacity of Ferrous Metal
·                    No Stoop Retrieval
·                    Quick retrieval of utensils underneath objects
·                    Magnetism is concentrated on the edge of the magnet, which allows the user to see the tool as soon as it is retrieved
·                    Quick retrieval of surgical needles
·                    Quality Constructed
·                    Factory Warranty
·                    Product Insurance
·                    Sold through Medical Equipment Supplier
·                    Saves Time and Money
·                    Liability Insurance Savings
·                    Can be used anywhere in a hospital
The Medical Attractor is designed to be used in all operating rooms; emergency rooms and throughout hospitals.
NOTE: The Medical Attractor is not sterilized when shipped. The tool can be sterilized with a sterilizing solution but it should not be put into an auto calve because it will weaken and destroy the magnetism of the tool.
Replacement magnets are available.
Manufacturers defect only, not responsible for neglect, abuse, or misuse of tool. The magnet can break, do not drop.
The Medical Attractor a tool that all hospitals should not be without!!